www.baizat.net UAE financial market blog

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www.baizat.net UAE financial market blog

Postby baizatdotnet » Wed 31 Aug 2016 17:25

Hello there - just thought to flag a new financial blog that has started. It includes analysis on the UAE and other GCC markets.

:arrow: www.baizat.net
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Re: www.baizat.net UAE financial market blog

Postby sharewadi » Fri 16 Sep 2016 17:40

baizatdotnet wrote:... just thought to flag a new financial blog ...

Blog is baizat.net.
Your username is baizatdotnet.

It seems an unlikely coincidence that your username is the same as the new blog you "just thought to flag", and more likely that you are promoting your own blog. In which case:

You should have wrote:... this is a new financial blog I am writing (or promoting) ...

Which is fine, and I'm all for encouraging members to share information, including blogs and websites which they contribute to. Some past members however have tried to appear independent from and unrelated to blogs and websites which they have established or contribute to, which is deceptive in my opinion. I doubt that this was your intention given the username you chose, I'm just explaining why I think it is important to make it clear what the link is between a member and any links they draw attention to.

Put a link in your signature then it's even clearer. And you'll get more traffic to your blog.

I had a quick glance through the posts written there so far. Some interesting commentary.

But what does this mean (the first blog post)?

baizat.net wrote:and the perennial time-vampire of its editorial team

And if you care about SEO, use the "More ..." tag for your posts so you don't get duplicate content penalty from Google (entire post on home page duplicated on separate post page). Or whatever the equivalent is if you're not using Wordpress.

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